Lachlan Phillips is an award winning Previs Artist, Metaverse Artist and AI consultant based out of Sydney Australia. A natural problem solver, Lachlan can help your next project, from creative development & previsualisation through to interactive software development and AI.



About me

Lachlan Phillips

Lachlan Phillips is an award-winning multi-disciplinary Story Artist with a career spanning over 20 years and 3 continents. He is a expert in Story Development, Story Visualisation, PreVis/TechVis, Metaverse & AI development, and has dedicated his career to bringing the most imaginative and visually stunning stories to life.


From Storyboarding through to fully rendered PitchVis, I can help get your project green lit using cutting edge techniques developed for the biggest names in Hollywood.

I have boarded on some of the biggest films, and created PitchVis material, lookbooks and trailers for some of biggest VR companies and musical artists.


An accomplished PreVis/TechVis/Layout artist with a dozen high profile credits to his name, Lachlan Phillips is a name you can trust to bring your project to life.

Artificial Intelligence

Prior to founding, Lachlan developed a number of AI tools to help the film pipeline - including AI to animate characters, write film scripts and dialogue, and automatically perform complex stereoscoping lensing for feature films.

If you have a complicated problem, AI may be the answer.


In addition to Film, Lachlan has worked extensively in Metaverse applications, including working on the official Lego Batman VR experience, developing a full Lego VR sandbox game, and contributing to countless VR and AR experiences for clients like BMW.

Lachlan also runs - A virtual events platform, where we host Microsoft, ASUS, UN Women, Bloomberg and others.

Genius. Great job as always. I love working with you.

Chris McKay

Director - The Lego Movie, Lego Batman

PreVis is sometimes just a way of impressing those that have invested in a film rather than being of real value to the film maker. (StoryVis) sounds like a better compromise.

Roger Deakins

Cinematographer - UNBROKEN

Brilliant work!

Phil Lord & Chris Miller

Co-Directors - The Lego Movie


George Miller

Director - Happy Feet 2

Chris McKay

Director - The Lego Movie

Roger Deakins

Cinematographer - Unbroken

Angelina Jolie

Director - Unbroken

Alex Proyas

Director - Gods of Egypt

Russell Crowe

Director - The Water Diviner



Metaverse Work

Lachlan Phillips is Crafting Memorable Metaverse Experiences for High-End Clients Like BMW.

In addition to building virtual events for leading clients like Microsoft, UN Women, and Bloomberg, Lachlan Phillips is helping craft fully immersive & Memorable Metaverse Experiences for High-End Clients Like BMW and Lego.

With over 20 years of experience in crafting immersive stories, Lachlan has worked on a number of cutting-edge metaverse projects, creating dynamic 3D worlds with interactive elements, compelling backstories, and a stunning visual style.



Orbits is a cutting-edge Virtual Events platform founded in 2020 by Lachlan Phillips.

Orbits specializes in creating unique stories and interactive experiences for brands. The team behind Orbits have delivered industry-leading projects for an array of prestigious clients, like Microsoft, Bloomberg and UN Women, hosting companies like Google, Amazon, Adobe and more.

Orbits has built a reputation for crafting immersive experiences and virtual events that push the boundaries of creativity.

Project Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge AI Technology is an AI-powered platform designed to help businesses, creatives, and agencies transform their operations with innovative AI technology.

With you can unlock the full potential of AI and unlock new possibilities, be it through improved customer service, creative content creation or custom AI development. With LiveMind’s AI-driven solutions, you’ll be able to tap into the power of AI to give your business the edge.


Ad Robot

Ad Robot is an powerful Video Automation and Personalisation platform for brands and agencies. Their proprietary pipeline and powerful tools give agencies true customisation in the internet era, with fewer specialist hours, reduced render time and infinite possibilities.

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